Hey youtubers!

that’s right, for…I guess… the first time ever a super folder is ALSO a youtube-animator! you might have trouble finding my channel, so here’s a link! I sure hope you enjoy!




gosh its been a while.. need to whip up some instrux for all you guys sorry to keep you waiting and keep posing those stories!


how did you meet origami yoda?

hey peepls!

i want to know how all you people met origami yoda,

what i mean is, i want to hear your stories about finding out about the strange case of origami yoda,

was it at a book fair?

did you trade it for a morsel of food to a homeless person?

did it fall from the sky?


it has to be true, but the best story will win some pretty awesome instructions!


mattweb2000 out!

fortune wookiee madness!!!!!

i bet everyone on this site has heard of tom angleberger’s new book, the secret of the fortune wookiee im super excited that i might get it soon for myself!


if any one else has it, some instructions for the ewok would be apreciated!